Graduate Student in Artificial Intelligence at MIT focusing on driverless vehicles.


Current Master's student advised by Prof. Daniela Rus of MIT CSAIL's Distributed Robotics Lab, and former undergrad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently serving as a team lead for MIT Driverless and TA for MIT's graduate-level applied machine learning course: 6.862.

My focus has primarily been on applied machine learning, particularly the fields of visual AI and autonomy. The impact areas I find most interesting are agriculture, economics, space exploration, and public policy. I also like analog photography, among other hobbies.

Around campus I've been involved with the EnergyHack as a director, with a fraternity as the treasurer, and as an athlete on the varsity football team. Additionally I've helped run theatrical performances on campus. Formerly, I was a tutor for several years through my high school's tutoring center where I aided students in all levels of math.

Resume | Last updated: March 8th, 2021.

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