Employment History

MIT Driverless

Team Lead, Member

Aug 2020 - Present | Cambridge, MA

Innovating data-driven (photorealistic) and end-to-end simulation for high-speed autonomous vehicles.

Competing in Roborace and the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

MIT 6.862: Applied Machine Learning

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Aug 2020 - Present | Cambridge, MA

Mentoring semester long research projects, as well as helping with labs for the undergraduate version of the class 6.036.

Draper Lab

Machine Learning Researcher

June - Aug 2020 | Cambridge, MA

Formulated general uncertainty quantification metrics with application to competency-aware reinforcement learning.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sept 2019 - May 2020 | Cambridge, MA

Created novel neural network frameworks to learn the optimal pooling layer metric for a given problem in visual AI.


Research Software Engineer

June - Aug 2019 | Houston, TX

Prototyped, tested, and analyzed system reliability measures for the ISS, Orion spacecraft, and Gateway space station.

Worked on the HIVE project.

MIT Media Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sept 2018 - Feb 2019 | Cambridge, MA

Improved autonomous vehicle imaging in fog using visible light and time of flight ray tracing.

Worked extensively with ray tracing renderers.

General Atomics ASI

Machine Learning Engineer

June - Aug 2018 | San Diego, CA

Developed deep learning-based visual quality assurance, culminating with Alpha deployment to the shop floor.

Collected, cleaned, and annotated the training database of images and built out the infrastructure to do so efficiently.

Deployed framework on a server with two user interfaces:

  1. Handheld device with camera, SoC, and networking capability.
  2. Microsoft Halolens augmented reality headset.


Data Scientist

Feb - June 2018 | Cambridge, MA

Analyzed sentiment of social media and parsed disease indicators, mapping relational trees by semantic association.

Mosaic Power

Software Engineer

June - Aug 2017 | Frederick, MD

Led an energy optimization project utilizing learned resident patterns and intraday fluctuations in power grid demand.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Feb - May 2017 | Cambridge, MA

Advanced human-like decision making in AI through human studies with adversarial games.

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